Kupriyanov Mikhail (1903 - 1992)

People’s artist of USSR, a valid member of the Academy of Arts of USSR, prize-winner of the Lenin’s premium, prize-winner of six State premiums of USSR, prize-winner of the I.E. Repin State premium of RSFSR. Painter, graphic artist. Mikhail Kupriyanov was born on October 21, 1903 in a small town Tetushi, situated not far from Kazan. The artist graduated from VHUTEMAS/VHUTEIN (Higher artistic-technical workshops in Moscow/Higher Artistic-technical institute in Moscow) in 1929. (Studied under professor N. Kupriyanov, P. Miturich, P. Lvov). Painting and graphics are organically synthesized in the creative activity of Kupriyanov. The exact energetic drawing is connected with the truthful, beautiful coloristic scale. The artist often uses silhouette decisions, which give to his sketches, smooth in terms of colour, original sharpness. The simplicity, laconic features and persuasiveness of Fine Art’s style are adherent to Kupriyanov, as to the landscape painter. In terms of richness of content and depth of feeling, which the artist puts in his landscapes, in terms of their image-bearing completeness and compositional integrity, many of the artist’s art works are becoming by the sketch. His talent in the foundation and “conquest” of space was shown already in the early art works of Kupriyanov. There is a feeling, that M. Kupriyanov experiences the original pleasure, masterly using the rules of linear and air perspective. The space for the artist is not only the objective reality, but also the means for the opening of the artist’s feelings, for the creation of the emotional image. The pictures of M. Kupriyanov are at the State Tretiakov gallery, A.S. Pushkin State museum of Fine Arts, Vilnus State museums of Arts, in the private collections in Russia and abroad: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Japan, USA.

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