Furmankov Nikolai (1927 – 1986)

PainterNikolai Furmankov is a bright creative personality, an artist of great talent. The student of B. V. Ioganson, he devoted his life to art, which was unusually devoted. Furmankov was born 18 Dec 1927 in eagle. Was the Great Patriotic war as part of the airborne brigade, was awarded numerous medals. From 1948 to 1952 he studied at the pedagogical College of art. He graduated from the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. I. E. Repin in 1959 (workshop of Professor B. V. Ioganson). After graduating from the Institute Furmankov was accepted into the Studio of Sergei Gerasimov, the former at that time President of the Academy of arts of the USSR. Member of Losh (Leningrad branch of Union of artists of Russia) since 1959. Nikolai Furmankov - the constant participant of all-Union, Republican, regional and city art exhibitions. The artist participated in exhibitions of Soviet art in Germany, Japan, France, Venezuela. Works of N.. Furmankov are in the collections of the Academy of arts in Leningrad branch of Union of artists of Russia, in many urban and regional museums and in private collections in Russia, Germany, USA, Japan, France. Furmankov – master of thematic paintings, landscape, portrait. The artist has several paintings on historical and revolutionary theme. These paintings represent multi-figured compositions. For every wizard studied the material for many literary sources, looking for expressive facial features, the carefully selected furnishings to determine the historical accuracy of events depicted.Constantly exciting artist topic – military. Furmanov depicts various scenes from life at the front. Appear the images of those who during the war liberated from the occupiers of the lands of the revived life.A lot of effort and time the artist gives the topic of labor. He is interested in working people: miners, foundry workers, road builders, fishermen, and the appearance of each picture is preceded by intense search, many creative samples. Especially long Furmankov worked on the works of the miner's life. Strength of character, conviction, optimism of the working man, open Furmankov in the works of the mining cycle, make the most of great value in his subsequent paintings, he seeks the most compelling form for disclosure of these traits. Images of people with a definite personality develop into a generalized, typical.Furmankov works as a landscape painter, master paintings in the ustic theme, and in this area especially fully revealed the originality of his talent. Furmankov was in creative mission in the South of the country (in the Caucasus, in Turkmenistan) and in the North (Barents sea, White sea), wrote sketches in Zagorsk, Vladimir, Suzdal, Tver region. With passion also wrote sketches under the Vologda and Senezh. But the closest he was Ladoga. Often in paintings Furmankov we see animals. Their images enhance the poetic mood of the piece.The artist loves the rural nature sincerely, directly and is able to convey in her everyday life condition high poetry and beauty. He is pleased with the rapid awakening of nature, when the trees are covered with delicate foliage, when the first bloom of the grass and the sky seems infinite in its purity. Concerned with early signs of spring: beginning to melt the snow, straightened, but the still bare branches, green willow bark. Autumn brings the gold forest, fresh wind, silver mist. Repeatedly referring to these motifs, the artist solves every time in some way.The creation of each painting have Furmankov preceded by a lot of working with nature. He always writes a lot of sketches, posing diverse challenges. Some studies are purely work, Studeny character. Attract attention of the artist sometimes reflexes on the white trunks of birch trees, ruts in the road from the trail runners in the snow, the color of the foliage and much more. All this he carefully studies with brush in hand, cherishes these studies, keeps them in the Studio and work on paintings.The other character are sketches, bearing at its core the idea of the future work. Thus, in particular, in the month of March, the artist repeatedly observed, as the farmers opened the silo. He draws the spring sun, the sparkle of snow, the rumble of machinery in the fields, and he repeatedly tries to capture on canvas in General terms, a genre scene. But Furmankov never fully takes field sketch or sketch on a large canvas, and composes, composes the picture, enriching it with additional details. The genre to which the artist has drawn relatively rare, portrait. Usually he prefers to portray the model in the interior, which gives him great opportunities for interesting compositional and coloristic solutions.A kind of still life. Furmankov writes them, putting the purely pictorial task, or, as he says, o shake up the palette. N.. Furmankov – a gifted artist, working in different genres of painting. His work as a whole developed in the direction of the flow of Russian realist painting. Commitment to this area affects not only the high culture of color, brightness, palette, broad manner of painting. Furmankov passionate about rural life, nature and for all of his work especially successfully develops these motifs. The artist creates his own world of images, finds its emotional mood, its color palette. His paintings are born of a love of Russian people to their native land. They are full of vigorous, poetic perception of the world. These qualities are particularly dear to us in the Furmankov's art .

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