Baranov Alexey P.

Painter, graphic artistBorn in 1923 in the village of Gnezdovo in Vladimir region. Lived and worked in Kostroma.He studied at the Ivanovo art College (1938 – 1941.) M. S. Perina, M. N. Trinity. Participant of exhibitions since 1940 (village Kolchugino, Vladimir region).Among his paintings: Winter (1940), A. N. Kostroma Ostrovsky in the bed of the theatre (1948), Peat (1949), Midday on the Volga (1951, Kostroma regional Museum of fine arts), Night (1953), Ivan Susanin (1953, carried out a number of options), portrait of a textile Uhanova (1957), peaceful labor (1957), Flying satellite (1958), woman portrait (1963), Steelworker Utkin (1964).Has designed books for publishing houses in Kostroma: Poems by A. S. Pushkin (1949), Tales for children (1951), Starukha A. M. Gorky (1951), Troubled childhood by A. F. Rumyantsev (1961) and others.Exhibition of his works took place in 1962 in Kostroma.

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