Barchenkov Nikolay (1918-2002)

People's artist of the RSFSR (1980)Honorary member of the Italian Academy of arts.Painter.Nikolai Barchenkov was born in Sergiev Posad in a family of artisans-live. I've enjoyed drawing since childhood, but had to enter trade schools, where in an accident the young man lost his right hand. In the hospital he started to learn to draw left and soon passed the exams at the Moscow regional art pedagogical College of the memory of 1905, from which he graduated in 1939. Teachers with a degree were P. Krymov, S. Frolov, G. N. Gorelov. The creative atmosphere in the school, communication with interesting bright personalities had a positive impact on the formation of the future artist.After graduation N. I. Barchenkov lived in Moscow and worked at the Museum of the Revolution as an artist-copyist. The time given to the execution of copies of paintings by famous masters, not in vain: unnoticed was the comprehension of the laws of art of painting and drawing, the accumulation of knowledge about the Russian artistic classics.With the beginning of the great Patriotic war N. I. Barchenkov returned to Zagorsk. He draws posters, replicates the TASS Windows. In 1943, he first presents his art works in the exhibition newly formed Partnership Zagorski artists with whom he closely connects my further creative destiny.In 1981, the artist was awarded the title of Honorary citizen of the city of Zagorsk.As a professional painter N. I. Barchenkov was formed under the influence of the best traditions of national fine art, the artistic heritage of such masters of the realistic school, as A. E. Arkhipov, K. Yuon, V. K. Byalynitsky-Birula. Careful study and observation of nature, logical realism are combined in his work with subtle and poetic perception of the world. N. I. Barchenkov did not limit himself to the genre and thematic choice, the brush equally subservient to the landscape and genre painting, portrait and still life.Sincere, confidential tone of the paintings of N. Barchenkov leave no one indifferent. Numerous exhibitions in which he participated. GN I. Barchenkov, his solo exhibitions, including overseas (Japan, Germany) have caused great interest of the public and enthusiastic responses in the press. On the international recognition of his talent is evidenced by the awarding of the gold medal of the Italian Academy of fine arts and awarding him the title of Honorary member.Picture N. I. Barchenkov are in the State Tretyakov gallery, in art Museum of his native city, an honorary citizen of which he is in many art museums and galleries, in private collections abroad: Japan, Italy, France, Spain, Finland, and Germany.

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