Belykh Aleksey

PainterPeople's artist of Russia, Professor. Born in 1923 in the village of krutets Orel region, in the family of cabinetry. After high school, A. P. White entered the pedagogical College in the town of Livny, but his studies were interrupted by war. After graduating in 1942 from the Kiev artillery school, he was sent to the front and ended the war on the Elbe. After the war, A. P. White was sent to Moscow to continue training at the military Academy, but a long-standing interest in painting led him to the art Studio, and later at the Moscow Institute. V. I. Surikov, which he graduated in 1958 at the workshop of Professor Tsyplakova V. G.. In 1959 A. P. White sent to Kostroma, where he taught first at the art school, and then in the Kostroma pedagogical Institute, art-graphic faculty. More than 25 years of A. P. White passed the secrets of his skill the students - future artists. In 1965 he was awarded the title of honored artist of Russia, since 1968 he is Professor, and since 1981 - people's artist of Russia. Since 1947, A. P. White - participant of art exhibitions in Russia and abroad. His personal exhibitions were held in Kostroma in 1975, 1983, 1993, 1994, in Moscow, in 1975, 1979, 1983, in Leningrad in 1985 .The artist works in the genre of historical Katrina, portrait, landscape. His works are in the collections of art museums of Kostroma, Lozova, Irkutsk, Ryazan, Tula and other cities of Russia, in the gallery, Soviet realist art in the city of Overland (USA), in many private collections in Russia, USA, Finland.

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