Ishmametov Enver (1916-2000)

Enver Ishmametov was born in 1916 in the village Alagulovo, Penza region. In 1942 graduated from the Moscow Surikov State art institute. Studied under S.V. Gerasimov, G.M. Shegal, a degree work - “Partisan investigation” (The museum of Fine Arts of the Tatarian ASSR, the tutor – A.A. Deineka).A participant of art exhibitions since 1944. An author of subject paintings: “Celebration of the plough”, 1947, “The delivery of horses to the Soviet Army” (1948, the Museum of the horse-breeding), “At the Tatarian collective farm” (1952 - 53), “Cafe” (1960), “V.I. Lenin in a family of workers” (1969).E. Ishmametov wrote the portraits of the poet G. Tukai (1940, the museum of Fine Arts of the Tatarian ASSR), “Woman-collective-farmer” (sketch, 1947), “Participants of the VIth World festival of the youth and students in Moscow” (a series of sketches, 1957), the doctor of military sciences, general-mayor Z.A. Absalyamov (1958), “Tractor driver” (1962), the surgeon L.T. Dmitrishen (1964), the frontier-guard V.Evtushenko (1963-64, Irkutsky regional art museum), the chief of the partisan group, S.G. Rastrigin (1966), “The portrait of the woman” etc.E. Ishmametov has also written landscapes: “The lake of Istra” (1948), “The pond” (1952), “Slush” (1955), “Spring on the Lenin mountains” (1957), “By the river” (1959), “Spring” (1964), “Samarkand” (1969), “Spring in the village” (1975) etc.The pictures of E. Ishmametov are at the museum of Fine Arts of Tatarstan, art museum of Bryansk, art museum of Irkutsk, and also in the private collections abroad: Germany, France, Italy.

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