Shirokov Andrey M.

A. Shirokov was born in 1960 in Kirov (recently renamed into Vyatka).He graduated from the Kirov Art College in 1980.Art had been a dominant career in his family. After graduating from the Kirov School of Painting in 1980 he did not leave his home town and became involved in Kirov painting workshops. Since 1984 he has participated in numerous artistic undertakings, both Russian and international. His works, often displayed in Russian museums, have also been pride of many private collections and galleries, not only in Russia. The artist has made several trips to Greece and Poland. In 1990 he became a member of the USSR Painters' Association. The range of his interests as a painter is very wide. His work includes beautiful lyrical landscapes, genre pieces, still lifes and portraits. The union of man and nature is the leading idea of his work and its most important message. Shirokov deeply respects the values represented by Russian masters of realistic painting. Although his beloved severe Russian nature remains his main source of inspiration, his works made in Greece and Poland evidence it perfectly that he is capable of artfully rendering the particular character of any place he visits. He is extremely self-demanding, aware of the effort it takes to gain one's identity as an artist and to remain independent in one's creative activity.The idea of unity of Man and Nature is inherent in many of his paintings, and the painter gives great importance to the landscape, which creates the mood and stresses the inner emotions of the author.Shirokov’s artworks were acquired by art museums in Russia, and are in private collections abroad: Germany, Belgium, France, USA.

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