Shlein Nikolay P. (1873 - 1952)

Painter.Honored art worker of the RSFSRBorn on 20 Nov 1873 in Kostroma.Original art education he received at the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. Among the best students Shleina goes in the open at the school Studio portraiture, which is who he became leader of V. A. Serov.In 1901 N. P.Shleina entered the Higher art school at St. Petersburg Academy of arts in mA-Starsky Professor Vladimir Makovsky. Professor V. E. Makovsky felt his student is quite Mature and prepared by the artist to successfully perform their works at important exhibitions of the Wanderers. He recommends shleina early to come up with a picture of the Demon Remix contest. Is a software composition in 1903, was approved by the Council of the Academy with the award of the AV-Torah the title of class artist, being awarded the gold medal and all trips abroad. In 1909 in Kostroma opened a personal exhibition of portraits, landscapes and graphics Shleina. In 1910 Hu-dozhnik travels abroad: in Poland, Austria and Italy. In 1919 N. P.Shleina arranged by the State free art workshops, and was appointed Professor and head.Over thirty years Nicholas was bessman-ness of the head of the art school, the converted Noi in 1944 at the Kostroma art school. Here he was a leading teacher of drawing, painting and composition. Teaching activities Shleina, he gave a lot of strength and energy - a glorious page in his biography.Nicholas Shleina, came out of the late re-Dvoinikov. Brought up on the traditions of Russian realistic-cal painting, he for many years of fruitful creative cal and teaching activities have made a significant contribution to the establishment and development of Russian portrait is Costa, the formation of a new artistic school and the education of young artists.The artist's works are in the Central museums of Moscow, Yaroslavl, Ivanovo, Kostroma.

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