Shcherbakov Boris V.

Painter, people's artist of the USSR, corresponding member of the USSR Academy of arts, laureate of the State prize of the USSR.Shcherbakov Boris Valentinovich was born on 7 APR 1916 in Petrograd in a family of artist V. S. Shcherbakov, in his time graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of arts, and who studied at I. E. Repin and F. A. Rubo. Artistic environment from childhood surrounding Shcherbakova, close Association in childhood and adolescence with such artists as A. Rylov, V. E. Savinsky, and Brodsky, E. E. Lansere, K. F. Yuon and V. N. Yakovlev contributed to the formation of his views of a staunch realist. These creative relationships and helped in the accumulation of important skills and knowledge.In 1939 Shcherbakov after six years of hard study he graduated from the Leningrad all-Russian arts Academy (the workshop of I. I. Brodsky. During the great Patriotic war and until 1948 the artist was in the Soviet Army. Despite the complexity of the situation, he at that time was given the opportunity to continue the creative work. In those years he creates a series of portraits of the heroes of the great Patriotic war. Shcherbakov played a big painting Group portrait of the Heroes of the Soviet Union engineer troops of the Soviet Army. On the canvas about forty portrait images. Then followed a series of paintings: Peter receives ambassadors (1946), he family hero (1947), Creative collaboration (1949), milk recording in the field (1949), A. S. Pushkin in St. Petersburg (1949), your time is Over! (1952), Ashes of Buchenwald (1961), Invincible soldier (1965), he Year 1917. Edition Of Truth (1970), Meeting. 20 Oct 1920 (1970), depicting a conversation of V. I. Lenin to A. M. Gorky.These paintings, such varied stories show that their author was always concerned about topics of great public content, civic sound. In them, he seeks to uncover the nature of the era, the spiritual world of people to convey their feelings and experiences.Shcherbakov and created a huge gallery of portraits of Soviet culture, science, art, representatives of the Soviet Army. In 1951 he participated in the creative team of artists when writing a group portrait of Soviet scientists – he meeting of the Presidium of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR. For this picture and a series of portraits of Soviet scientists by the artist in 1952 was awarded the State prize of the USSR.Shcherbakov was filled with numerous individual portraits of academicians A. Arbuzov (1951), V. V. Vinogradov (1951). S. Derzhavin (1951), G. M. Krzhizhanovsky (1951), D. V. Nalivkin (1951), V. A. Obruchev (1951), Skobeltsyn (1951), I. V. Grebenshchikov (1952), artists E. N. Gogoleva (1952), Zhiltsova A. V. (1960), B. A. Smirnov (1964), and V. O. Toporkov (1963), S. A. Kocharian (1964), I. M. Tumanov, the writer K. A. Fedin, the famous pilots of the triple Heroes of the Soviet Union I. N. Kozhedub and A. I. Pokryshkin, Marshal of armored forces Katukov and others. The best paintings are distinguished by the brightness of human images and expressive human characteristics. The portraits made Shcherbakov, indicate an increased interest of their author to the spiritual appearance of the Soviet people. They captured and reproduced with great penetration the typical features of the model. Through the plasticity of gestures, movements, postures, facial States the artist captures the characters of people.In the genre of landscape, the Shcherbakov range of interests is wide and varied. In 1953 he executed a series of paintings which depicts nature of the Caucasus mountain, in 1956-1957 series Cities and people of the GDR. But the Central place in the artist took the image of Russian nature. Widely known landscapes-paintings of the series Summer in the suburbs (1947). The greatest successes in this area are associated with the image of the nature of Yasnaya Polyana, Spassky-lutovinova and the Pushkin reserve in Mihajlovsky. In his works, the artist develops the traditions of realistic landscape painting, especially Russian. Shcherbakov party almost all the Russian all-Union and Republican art exhibitions of the postwar period, as well as a number of exhibitions of Soviet art abroad.In 1958 in Moscow was opened the personal exhibition of works by Shcherbakov he City and the people of the GDR. In 1961, at Yasnaya Polyana was shown his exhibition entitled Four seasons in Yasnaya Polyana and in 1966 in Moscow, Leningrad, and then in several other cities showed his exhibition he memorable literary place: Yasnaya Polyana, in Spasskoe-Lutovinovo, the Pushkin reserve. A large exhibition of his works was in 1973-1974, the shows in Hungary. All these exhibitions were a great success.Works of the artist are in the State Tretyakov gallery, State Russian Museum, Kiev Museum of Russian art, the Odessa state art gallery, Kemerovo regional Museum of Soviet art, Sverdlovsk picture gallery, and other locations. Some of the paintings of Boris Valentinovich received high public recognition. The Minister of culture of the USSR EA Furtseva presented in 1973, U.S. President Richard Nixon as a gift to our country landscape B. V. Shcherbakova Russian winter, which received a high rating of the American state.In 1973 Scherbakov was elected a corresponding member of the USSR Academy of arts.

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