Yablonskaya Tatyana N. (1917-2005)

People's Artist of the USSR.Member of the Academy of arts of the USSR. Laureate of the State prize of the USSR. Awarded the Gold medal of the USSR Academy of Arts. The Hero Of Ukraine.Born in the family of the teacher of the literature of the Smolensk classical grammar school. In 1935-1941 he studied at the Kiev art Institute F. Krichevsky and After the war she began her creative and teaching work in Kiev, she worked in the same Institute where he studied (from 1947 to 1973; from 1967 — Professor).The official recognition of the T. N. Yablonskaya brought the painting Bread (1949) in a story which the artist idealized the socialist labor, the collective farm peasantry. In 1950 for this work was submitted to the State prize of the USSR, and in 1958 he won the Bronze medal at the world exhibition in Brussels.Stage for the author's creativity began painting Spring (1951, Russian Museum, USSR State prize, 1951), Flax (1977, State prize of the USSR 1979), Together with father (1961; Museum of fine arts of the Ukrainian SSR, Kiev). 1997 was declared by UNESCO the year tn. Yablonska.Works are in State Tretyakov Gallery, State Russian Museum, the Museum of Russian Art in Kiev.

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